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(Cooking and eating habits) 

“…is it lunch time yet? No! However, I have been to the market and shops. I have some goodies. Maybe you can have taste, a snack or even a drink. Ready to try? Here……. what do you think?  Yummie or yukkie? Please tell me or write down what you think. Are you making a shopping list for mum or dad, brother or sister, friend or partner?... Mmmmh! Hang on! Where can I get any of these tropical food stuffs?...” 

Cookery sessions involve the introduction of tropical foodstuffs to pupils, students and participants. This in another activity linked with regional geography. Customs and traditions from other cultures play a role here. One of the key aims for such an activity is to explore what people grow, eat and why. Important links are made to cooking techniques, food nutrition and science depending on durations and subject level of participants. 

A basic activity is about identifying a range of tropical crops, vegetables and fruit. These may be fresh, canned or cooked. Pupils are encouraged to taste examples like crisps or fruit juices. Sometimes, boiling and frying selected items is done for tasting. Other occasions allow for the cooking of a range of these foods making a complete meal.  

These days, a lot more food from the tropical world is available not only from specialist shops but in some of the bigger super markets. Popular amongst these are fruits and fruit juices and spices. The past two decades in particular has seen an increase in the variety and the range of these foods. Travel, we believe has also broadened the knowledge and tastes of an increasing number of people. 

This activity may help break down some of the general misconceptions about foods from other parts of the world.