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Clay work, exploring hand modelling techniques is one of the two main fine art activities we offer. Workshops may be in mask making, bust and sculpture making (both derived from the “Benin” Bronze casting methods), coil pot making, decorative tile work and jewellery making. Activities can be linked to art history traditions from some parts of Africa and other continents. Principles of general art appreciation may sometimes be applied if it is geared towards a given theme. 

In studio practice and production, our artists may use the potters’ wheel and plaster casting techniques a lot. However during outreach projects in school, one requires some clay, old news paper and some simple tools. The emphasis is on the use of hands (which can be described as the best tools for pottery and clay work). The use of “low-tech” but very effective methods is in line with the approach used by many crafts men and women in Africa. The clay modelling work shops are usually done with a class at a time. Up to four sessions can be achieved in a normal school day. 

Mask making is one of the most popular clay activities. Also based on the casting techniques from “Ancient Benin”, this activity also draws links to other carving and aesthetic traditions from different parts of Africa. Pot, sculpture, tiles and jewellery making also draws inspiration from traditional customs from various African regions.

Shapes or patterns may be derived by drawing links to the historic traditions or modern cultures of such famous “tribes” as the Yoruba, Akan, Masai or the Zulus. 

We have some techniques. Do you have clay and old news paper? ARE YOU READY TO HAVE A GO? Please get in touch with us.  

We are ready! Whether it is in school, an after-school setting or during a community event. (Please remember, all we need is some clay, old news papers, some simple tools and our hands).