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An introductory assembly may be held for a whole school, year group or Key stage, etc. This is usually a good forum for visiting artist or artists to meet pupils and staff at the start of a project. Apart from setting mood and introducing aspects of the day’s work ahead, an assembly may allow artists to reach out to members of the school not directly involved with the main workshop activities. 

Usually a fun session, an intro assembly may link focal activity to African customs, regional geography, story legends, history or dance movements. All our lead artists are flexible artists and able to deliver workshops and links in all the activities we offer. 

The duration for an assembly varies from school to school and from project to project. This is usually arranged when planning a project. General times range from 15 minutes to hour long sessions.  

Sometimes the day ends with a closing assembly. This may also be for the pupils directly involved in working with the artist or the whole school. A closing session is very interesting when there is a review of the day’s work or a performance to visiting parents and other invited guests. 

(The assembly is an OPTIONAL activity. It is not always possible to fit one in a school day, as it depends on the main reason for artist’s visit to the school amongst other things). 

Over the years, we have visited many wonderful schools, met some brilliant pupils, staff and done some work with them. Below are some of the visual memories we have collected of some intro and closing assemblies: